Yippee! I got a good an excellent job, starting in less than three weeks. That is about all I will ever say about it here on my blog.

Thank you to all who sent notes of encouragement, contacts,  and job announcements, as well as to those of you who prayed for me over the past year since we returned from Romania.

Grace and Peace

Competition for jobs

Yahoo News: Job competition toughest since recession began

The number of job seekers competing for each opening has reached the highest point since the recession began, according to government data released Friday.

The employment crisis is expected to worsen as companies stay reluctant to hire. Many economists expect a jobless recovery, putting pressure on President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats to stimulate job creation.

There are about 6.3 unemployed workers competing, on average, for each job opening, a Labor Department report shows. That’s the most since the department began tracking job openings nine years ago, and up from only 1.7 workers when the recession began in December 2007.

A few comments:

  • I’ve been told that there are 50-100 applicants for some geospatial/GIS positions I have applied for. I’ve been a finalist (top 8?) for a number of these.
  • I don’t place high confidence in the government’s ability to create jobs in a way that is good for the economy in the long run. The only result of previous government job stimuli that I have seen so far has been an increase in the number of temporary positions, which I have been applying for. But what I really need is long-term employment.
  • There are millions of people like me who for one reason or another are not even counted in the government’s unemployment figures.

Grace and Peace

Job search update

A few of you have asked how the job search is going. Well… it is still going.

  • I still have a tentative offer from my former employer from before I went overseas to teach. This would be an excellent position (interesting work, great pay and benefits), but the hiring process is excruciatingly long. Until it is a done deal, I’m still looking.
  • I know I’m being considered for a couple of positions in Colorado and Washington that I could do very well at. These are both geospatial/cartography positions.
  • I’m looking for temporary work in the Denver area to fill in the gap until a permanent job comes in. I’m mainly looking at GIS or geological laboratory work, but am open to other things.

Click here for a brief resume, or go to Ten reasons why you should hire me.

Thanks for asking and for your prayers.

Grace and Peace

September poll — who reads The GeoChristian?

I’m averaging a little over 300 visitors per day at The GeoChristian, and am curious to know more of the make up of my audience. This is my first attempt at polling on my blog; I think you can vote only one time.

I am still seeking employment as either a geoscience or geospatial professional (or both combined in one position). Click here for a brief resume, or go to Ten reasons why you should hire me.

Updates: job search, unemployment activities, comments (Is God a malevolent bioterrorist?)

I’m still plugging away on the job search. I know that I am competing against 50 to 100 people (or more) for many of the positions I have applied for. My lovely wife tells me that I should feel pretty good about being a finalist for a number of these positions. Yes, but I’d sure rather be employed than just feeling good about myself at this point.

I still have a tentative offer for an excellent position, but it may not start until 2010, and I can’t wait that long (and they know that). If I can find good temporary work, this might still work out. Until it is a done deal, however, I’m still looking for a permanent position.

Click here for a brief resume, or go to Ten reasons why you should hire me.

What does one do in a long period of unemployment, other than networking and working on applications?

  • I’ve been taking GIS classes from ESRI to expand and update my skills. The course I’m working on now is “Creating and Integrating Data for Natural Resource Applications.” I also took a course on the geochemistry of gas shales this summer.
  • Long walks in the mountains and foothills. I saw my first western tanager last week—a very pretty bird.
  • Lunch dates with my wife.
  • Reading books.
  • Going to the apartment complex swimming pool with the family.
  • We’re going to a Colorado Rockies baseball game this week. My wife found some seats for $1 each!
  • Writing blog posts on The GeoChristian helps to keep me sane.

The greatest number of comments in the past week have been on my “Seeing God in nature” post. What is the difference between ID and the theistic evolution of Francis Collins? Is God a malevolent bioterrorist?

Grace and Peace

Updates: job search, Best of The GeoChristian, Dr. Dino

I’m still looking for a job in the Earth sciences or GIS. I have a very strong possibility for an excellent position, but until it’s a sure thing I’ll keep on looking. Click here for a brief resume, or go to Ten reasons why you should hire me.

I’m working on compiling a list of what I think are my best posts, sorted by topic. Click on “Best of the GeoChristian” at the top of this page.

My January post Dr. Dino still in prison is still generating comments; up to 88 right now. (WorldNetDaily—the Christian source for conspiracy theories—reports that Dr. Dino is a victim of government persecution. I don’t think so.)