September poll — who reads The GeoChristian?

I’m averaging a little over 300 visitors per day at The GeoChristian, and am curious to know more of the make up of my audience. This is my first attempt at polling on my blog; I think you can vote only one time.

I am still seeking employment as either a geoscience or geospatial professional (or both combined in one position). Click here for a brief resume, or go to Ten reasons why you should hire me.

6 thoughts on “September poll — who reads The GeoChristian?

  1. “I believe that all truth is God’s truth, whether found in the pages of Scripture, or revealed in nature. If there appears to be a conflict between the two, it is either because we don’t properly understand Scripture, or we don’t properly understand the creation. In the end, when we have correct understanding of both, there will be no conflict.”

    If you have confidence but are not sure, you suspend judgment. You don’t take a leap of faith regardless of the fact that there is not enough evidence to support your position. You especially don’t take the side of the affirmative.


  2. Kevin,

    Reading the quoted portion in the comment above, I agree entirely with what you said.

    As regards employment, keep your chin up. There are many praying and trying to help.

    Please email me so that I have your current email address.



  3. Answer the above point Kevin. That’s a good argument against Christianity. You admit that it doesn’t fit with natural reality, and yet you still believe.

    That should be enough for you to reconsider your faith – if not give it up entirely.

    You could address this.


  4. Without centuries of Christian antisemitism, Hitler’s passionate hatred would never have been so fervently echoed.
    — Robert Runcie

    Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie (1921-2000)
    British ecclesiastic, Archbishop of Canterbury

    That’s your answer to Hitler/Secularism. And that’s from an archbishop.


  5. Christianity had more to do with Hitler’s rise to power than any other ideology, religion or worldview.

    The same can be said for Mussolini as well. His is secular, but it is a reaction to Christianity as well. A bad one, but one which Christianity had a part in firing up.

    There hasn’t really been a secular experiment. The closest thing is Japan, and they’re doing fine.


  6. Fenris

    “Christianity had more to do with Hitler’s rise to power than any other ideology, religion or worldview.”
    Farzady, are you completely ignoring the cause of German nationalism in his rise… lots of Germans agreed with Hitler and let him into power in spite of his antisemitism not because of it. Many liked a lot of what he was saying and as is often done decided that he was right in enough points that maybe he had the right ideas in some of the others too. Antisemitism has no logical basis in true Christianity.

    “There hasn’t really been a secular experiment. The closest thing is Japan, and they’re doing fine.”
    Are you ignoring the Soviet Union or is there something I missed about it?


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