NASA going nowhere?

From Yahoo! News: Senators to NASA chief: Go somewhere specific

President Obama’s budget proposal would axe NASA’s planned trip to the moon. So where should NASA send astronauts? The long-term goal is to send astronauts to Mars, but what are good shorter-term objectives?

Here are two items that caught my attention regarding a future trip to Mars:

  • Using inflatable spaceship parts
  • Technological advances that would cut travel time to Mars down from three months to “a matter of days.”

On a humorous note, NASA has a graphic that shows possible destinations to send astronauts in upcoming years. I’m not sure that “Sun” is all that good of an idea.

Credit: NASA

Grace and Peace

Earthquake theology

With today’s massive earthquake in Chile, and last month’s deadly tremor in Haiti, I have a few questions for your theological pondering:

  1. Are earthquakes part of God’s good creation, or did they commence with the human fall into sin?
  2. Are earthquakes good or evil? (or neutral?)
  3. Is God glorified in any way by earthquakes?
  4. Are earthquakes part of God’s judgment on sin?
  5. Will the new Earth have earthquakes?

I have my thoughts on these, but I’d be interested in some comments first.

Father, I pray for those in Chile who are suffering in many ways as a result of today’s earthquake. I pray that those who have lost loved ones would be comforted. I pray that those who are injured would get the necessary medical attention. I pray for rescuers to find those who need rescuing. I pray for a quick restoration of essential services, such as water and electricity. I pray for good leadership from the government at all levels. I pray for rich generosity from many people around the world. And I pray that there would be people who would turn from the uncertain things of this world to the savior, Jesus Christ our Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Grace and Peace