Sim City 5

Sim City 3000 was the greatest game ever created for a computer. Sim City 4 was a disappointment. Sim City 5 (or just SimCity on the official web site) is coming in 2013. Will it be the new "greatest game ever?" Or another dog? P.S. "Sim City" is not the same as "The Sims."

Around the web 1/29/2011

Mountain lion in St. Louis County! -- This doesn't happen too often. A night-time wildlife camera captured a mountain lion in suburban St. Louis, less than ten miles from our home. We're a little more used to opossums, raccoons, deer, and wild turkeys around here. I don't worry too much about mountain lions when hiking …

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New York City — A Montana Native’s Perception

Being that the dreaded Yankees won the World Series, here is my map of New York City, as originally posted in December 2007. A couple days ago I commented (click here) on a map of Montana printed by The New Yorker Magazine. (I got the map from Strange Maps). Those Easterners know that Montana has …

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Happy mole day!

In honor of Avogadro's number (6.02 x1023), today is mole day. According to some who celebrate this day, celebrations can actually begin at 6:02 on 10/23. National Mole Day Foundation Mole Day Jokes -- there are some new ones here I had not seen before. Grace and Peace

Nietzsche Mints

From Flavorless Nihilist Mints. Sigh. Life is without meaning. It is bleak, empty, and anything we assign value to is completely false. We could say, for instance, that these Nihilist Mints symbolize that blankness of meaning, but then that would be a contradiction as we would be saying that Nihilist Mints mean something. They …

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