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The GeoChristian now has a Facebook Page:

Facebook is not the best place to have a dialog about substantial issues, especially because after a day or two almost no one reads the comments on a post. But Facebook does have over one billion users, so it is a means of tapping into a larger audience.

My hope and prayer is that God would use The GeoChristian Facebook page to build up the Body of Christ, and to point unbelievers to the Savior.

Grace and Peace.

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100 reasons the Earth is old — from Age of Rocks

One of the best current blogs on the topics of geology, young-Earth creationism, and Christianity is Age of Rocks, written by Jonathan Baker. Today he published his 100th post, and commemorated that milestone with a fantastic article: 100 Reasons the Earth is Old. I liked all 100  reasons, and think he could follow this up with 500 reasons the Earth is old when he hits his 500th post. Here are five of my favorite reasons from his list:

6. There is no radiocarbon in old samples, despite claims to the contrary. Geologically old samples of coal, diamonds, and graphite, for example, yield finite radiocarbon ages that are consistent with the expected level of contamination invariably introduced during sample collection and preparation.

15. Quaternary deposits and landscapes are far too complicated to have accumulated in the ~4,500 years following the Flood. Everywhere we look on Earth, we truly find evidence for ~2 million years worth of processes, whether at high latitudes (where we find evidence for repeated glaciations and deglaciations, separated by warm intervals) or in the tropics (where we find thick desert dune sequences alternating with humid intervals) or in the oceans (where 2 million+ years of Milankovitch cycles are recorded in only a few meters of silt and clay) or in the high mountains (where alpine valleys have been carved out by rivers or glaciers, then infilled by coarse sediment, then eroded again, etc.). Flood geologists unanimously assert that the Quaternary period represents the ‘post-Flood’ era, but there is good reasons that conventional geologists ascribe a much longer age: 2.6 million years.

26. Volcanic ash beds (sedimentary tuff), frequently used to date sedimentary rock layers, were mainly deposited in dry conditions. Geologists can distinguish between ash layers that settled in ocean basins (marine tephra) and those that fell over dry land (air fall deposits). When volcanic ash is deposited in flowing water, it produces yet different features identifiable in outcrops, such as grain sorting and lamination. Therefore, not a few volcanic ashes in sedimentary strata contradict the Flood geology scenario, especially because these ash falls take time to accumulate from the air and harden to the point that water-lain sediments can be deposited on top without compromising the structure of the soft ash.

27. The geologic column is no remnant of an ancient flood deposit, global or not. Fine details, in the form of thin layers of alternating clay and limestone, or irregular sand deposits that resemble modern river channels, defy catastrophic explanation, which explains why catastrophism has long been abandoned by research geologists.

29. The distribution of sedimentary rocks is weighted to heavily over the continents, which is the opposite of what we’d expect in a global flood. Floods move sediments from high elevation to low elevation, depositing them in sedimentary basins. During the Flood, the oceans would have constituted the largest and deepest basins, but most sediments remained on elevated continents. How did this happen? Did the laws of physics stop working?

Note that I picked my top five from the first 29; there were just so many good old-Earth evidences to choose from. I could have selected all 100 reasons from the list of 100 reasons!

An equally important list would be top reasons why the Bible does not require anything like young-Earth creationism. A few of Jonathan Baker’s thoughts on the Bible and science can be found on his Theology/Scripture tab.

Grace and Peace



I said “One of the best blogs” because it is hard to choose between Age of Rocks and Naturalis Historia. Both have been producing top-notch articles.

#26 was near and dear to my heart, as my Master’s degree research involved a study of Quaternary volcanic ash deposits in eastern Washington.

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The Map Room

The Map Room blog just put in a plug for me, so I’ll return the favor. I do have a maps category over in the first column on the right.

Thanks for visiting The GeoChristian.

Grace and Peace

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My view counter hit 200,000 today. I’m not entirely sure what counts as a “page view” in WordPress, except that my own visits to the blog are not counted.

Thank you to all who read and comment on The GeoChristian.

Grace and Peace

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Auf der Geoblogosphäre

Thank you to for listing The GeoChristian as part of their geoblogosphere (their list of significant geology blogs).

The GeoChristian von Kevin Nelstead – verschiedene Geothemen, die sich auch mit Kreationismus aus der Sicht eines Christen befassen

My translation: The GeoChristian by Kevin Nelstead — different geology topics, concerned also with creationism from the point of view of a Christian.

Grace and Peace

P.S. Or is it “auf dem Geoblogosphäre”? Ich weiß nicht.

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The Volcanism Blog

Thanks to The Volcanism Blog for including The GeoChristian in its blogroll.

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Four great blogs

Don, at The Evangelical Ecologist named The GeoChristian as one of five blogs that minister to him the most. Thanks.

Here are four blogs that I am regularly blessed, challenged, encouraged, and taught by:

  • Be Bold, Be Gentle — “Christian encouragement for men.” Glenn has a heart for teaching within the body of Christ, for family, and for Jesus Christ.
  • The Internet Monk — “Dispatches from the post-Evangelical wilderness.” Michael Spencer takes on many of the things in Evangelicalism that drive me crazy as well.
  • Cranach — “Christianity, Culture, Vocation.” Gene Edward Veith is an author, writes columns for World Magazine, and is a literature professor at Patrick Henry College.
  • The Evangelical Ecologist — “‘Cause the world’s not ours to mess up.” Green advice and commentary on environmental issues.

I read these daily.

Grace and peace.

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Blogs I Read

I don’t read a large number blogs, but here are the ones that I go to almost daily:



Here are some blogs that I go to occasionally:

(I’m not endorsing everything in any of these blogs)
This list is pretty short. What are your favorite blogs? I’m open to expanding my reading a bit.

Grace and Peace

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Blogs that link to The Earth is Not Flat!

I’ve recently discovered that the following blogs have links to The Earth is Not Flat!:

This is in addition to some other blogs that have had a link to my blog for quite some time:

Thanks for the links. If anyone sees other sites that link to this blog, let me know.

Grace and Peace

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Is anybody out there?

No, this is not a post about SETI (the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence).

A few months ago, someone emailed me asking for links to blogs that are similar to mine. I said that I didn’t know of any. The only other science-related blog by a Christian that I regularly read is The Evangelical Ecologist, but it has a narrower focus than this blog does.

Perhaps Intelligent Design the Future is in this category, but I don’t regularly read it. It doesn’t allow comments, so it isn’t a typical blog.

I don’t know of any others. Does anybody have any links?

Grace and Peace

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Blogosphere theme verse

People blog because they have opinions that they like to share. Here’s a thought to keep me humble:

I was reading in Proverbs the other day and I think I found the blogosphere theme verse! Proverbs 18:2: “A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.”

That was from a reader on Gene Edward Veith’s Cranach blog. May God give me insight as I meditate on his word and study his world, so that I can write with wisdom and understanding rather than airing my own foolish opinions.

Grace and Peace

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