The GeoChristian on Facebook

The GeoChristian now has a Facebook Page: Facebook is not the best place to have a dialog about substantial issues, especially because after a day or two almost no one reads the comments on a post. But Facebook does have over one billion users, so it is a means of tapping into a larger audience. My hope …

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100 reasons the Earth is old — from Age of Rocks

One of the best current blogs on the topics of geology, young-Earth creationism, and Christianity is Age of Rocks, written by Jonathan Baker. Today he published his 100th post, and commemorated that milestone with a fantastic article: 100 Reasons the Earth is Old. I liked all 100  reasons, and think he could follow this up with 500 reasons the …

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My view counter hit 200,000 today. I'm not entirely sure what counts as a "page view" in WordPress, except that my own visits to the blog are not counted. Thank you to all who read and comment on The GeoChristian. Grace and Peace

Auf der Geoblogosphäre

Thank you to for listing The GeoChristian as part of their geoblogosphere (their list of significant geology blogs). The GeoChristian von Kevin Nelstead - verschiedene Geothemen, die sich auch mit Kreationismus aus der Sicht eines Christen befassen My translation: The GeoChristian by Kevin Nelstead -- different geology topics, concerned also with creationism from the …

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Blogs that link to The Earth is Not Flat!

I've recently discovered that the following blogs have links to The Earth is Not Flat!: Driftless Skies -- Southeast Minnesota. Weather to fishing and more The Christian Environmentalist -- Exploring environmental issues from a Christian perspective This is in addition to some other blogs that have had a link to my blog for quite some …

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