Four great blogs

Don, at The Evangelical Ecologist named The GeoChristian as one of five blogs that minister to him the most. Thanks.

Here are four blogs that I am regularly blessed, challenged, encouraged, and taught by:

  • Be Bold, Be Gentle — “Christian encouragement for men.” Glenn has a heart for teaching within the body of Christ, for family, and for Jesus Christ.
  • The Internet Monk — “Dispatches from the post-Evangelical wilderness.” Michael Spencer takes on many of the things in Evangelicalism that drive me crazy as well.
  • Cranach — “Christianity, Culture, Vocation.” Gene Edward Veith is an author, writes columns for World Magazine, and is a literature professor at Patrick Henry College.
  • The Evangelical Ecologist — “‘Cause the world’s not ours to mess up.” Green advice and commentary on environmental issues.

I read these daily.

Grace and peace.

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