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My name is Kevin Nelstead, and I blog about science, the environment, and Christianity at The GeoChristian. I am especially interested in the Earth sciences, though I can write somewhat intelligently about other areas of science as well. I am employed as a Natural Resources Specialist with a focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I live in the geological wonderland called Montana.

The primary objective of The GeoChristian is to increase science literacy in the Evangelical Christian community.

I believe that all truth is God’s truth, whether found in the pages of Scripture, or revealed in nature. In regards to my view of scripture, I hold to the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. The Bible says what God wants it to say. I also believe that God reveals himself through his creation, and therefore science is a valid and important endeavor. There is some overlap between the subjects of science and theology. If there is conflict between the two (and I believe this conflict to be small) then either our understanding of nature or our understanding of scripture is somehow defective. In the end there will be no conflict between the two.

I accept an old age for the universe (perhaps about 13-15 billion years) and for the Earth (about 4.6 billion years). I acknowledge that God created the universe, and has sustained and sovereignly ruled over it ever since. I have Christian friends whom I love and respect with whom I differ on these things.

My qualifications for writing this blog about science, the environment, and Christianity include:

  • M.S. degree in Geology from Washington State University
  • B.S. degree in Earth Science from Montana State University
  • Teaching certificate in Chemistry from University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Additional schooling: University of Utah, Missouri Baptist College, Covenant Theological Seminary (PCA)
  • Almost six years of service as a missionary/teacher with ReachGlobal (Evangelical Free Church of America)
  • Membership in the Geological Society of America, the American Scientific Affiliation, and the Affiliation of Christian Geologists

From 2003 to June 2008, I served with ReachGlobal — which is the international mission of the Evangelical Free Church of America — as the middle school and high school science teacher at Bucharest Christian Academy in Romania. Classes I taught included middle school life science and physical science; and high school biology, Earth science, chemistry and physics.

I have spent most of my adult life as a member of churches in the Evangelical Free Church of America, and am currently a member of a Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) church in Montana.

You can e-mail me at geochristianblog(at)gmail(dot)com (replace the (at) with @)

Grace and Peace