The GeoChristian Stats for 2014

I only wrote 23 posts in 2014, so my readership was down a bit. That’s OK; I just have a lot of other things going on. Because of this, nine of the ten most-read posts on The GeoChristian were actually ones written in previous years.

The top ten most-read posts on the GeoChristian in 2014:

10. John Piper and the age of the Earth — a respected Evangelical pastor who is an old-Earther.

9. The stratigraphic column — not a figment of geologists’ imaginations — Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian…  The rocks really are stacked in this order.

8. Creation Creeds — What I believe as an old-Earth Christian.

7. Antarctic ice cores: a window to ice age climate change — We cannot understand the present nor the future if we don’t understand the past.

6. Stegosaurus in Cambodian temple? — Humans and dinosaurs did not live together in Southeast Asia.

5. Augustine: The Literal Meaning of Genesis — St. Augustine did not believe that Earth was created in six literal days.

4. John MacArthur on the age of the Earth and theistic evolution — I use some of John MacArthur’s commentaries in my personal Bible study, but here I point out why he is wrong on the age of the Earth and biological evolution.

3. Six bad arguments from Answers in Genesis (Part 1) — The first in a six-part series, outlining why the six best YEC geological arguments for a global flood are bad answers from Answers in Genesis.

2. Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye post-debate analysis — Ken Ham and Bill Nye were both wrong about both the Bible and geology.

1. Dr. Dino still in prison — I wrote this post in 2009, and each year since then it has been the most-read post on The GeoChristian. Popular young-Earth creationist speaker Kent Hovind (who does not have a real doctorate) will be released from prison in 2015.


A few more stats:

The GeoChristian was viewed 72,889 times by 42,740 visitors in 2014. This is down from a high of 153,654 views in 2009.

There were 217 comments made on The GeoChristian in 2014.

I wrote 23 posts in 2014.

My all-time daily high for views was February 5, 2014, the day after the Ham-Nye debate. There were a total of 2,109 views on that date.

I hope that The GeoChristian was a blessing to you in 2014, and pray that I would continue to build up the body of Christ, and point non-Christians to Jesus in 2015.

Grace and Peace

Excuses and plans

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately.

Here are my basic excuses:

  • I have had a very busy summer at work.
  • The family keeps me busy.

These are both good things, but they haven’t left much time for writing. My third excuse is that I’ve had a bad case of writer’s block. I sit down to write and come up with nothing worth publishing on the blog.

I have no shortage of writing ideas, including:

  • The gospel for geoscientists.
  • A series on the pillars of young-Earth creationism, explaining why YEC is not Biblically necessary.
  • A more in-depth review of some of the recent rants written by YECs.
  • A series on Biblical environmentalism.
  • Re-writing what I view as some of my more important blog posts.
  • Geology of Montana.
  • The usual day-to-day tidbits I come across on the internet.

I am considering some changes, such as:

  • Getting my own domain.
  • Creating a greater variety of content, such as videos that could be placed both on The GeoChristian and on video sites such as YouTube.

In all of this, my goal continues to be to glorify my Creator by building up the church and pointing non-believers to the Savior.

Thanks for reading The GeoChristian, and for your prayers.

Grace and Peace


This is my one thousandth post on The GeoChristian.

I haven’t written very much so far in 2012. It isn’t that I have run out of ideas, but life has been busy and the blog has been pushed aside by more important matters.

I started this blog six years ago because I was passionate about Christ and the gospel, and about science and science education. Those passions are still alive. I believe firmly in the truthfulness of Christianity, and that its core message is Good News (gospel) for every person on the planet. I want to continue to proclaim Jesus and his incarnation (God becoming human in Christ), crucifixion (as a substitute on our behalf), and resurrection, both to unbelievers and to Christians, for whom these truths have daily transformational power.

Science, particularly origins science, continues to be a divisive issue among theologically conservative Christians. The Christian school and home-school market is dominated by young-Earth creationist curricula, and many leaders in this movement are adamant about excluding other perspectives. But, as I have demonstrated on a number of occasions, young-Earth creationism is neither necessary Biblically, nor viable scientifically. Because of this, it is counterproductive at best and downright harmful to the work of the kingdom in many cases.

My hope is to be able to get back into writing soon.

Grace and Peace

Time Magazine — Top 10 scientific discoveries for 2007

Time magazine’s top ten science stories for 2007 include:

#1 — Stem cell breakthrough. It looks like we can now do everything from a person’s own skin cells; there is no medical need for research with embryonic stem cells. As pro-life advocates have been saying all along, therapies developed from a person’s own cells are far more promising than therapies developed from an embryo, because there is no longer the risk of an immune response to foreign tissue.

But of course, the pro-abortion people still say “embryonic stem cell research must continue.” But why?

#4 — Hundreds of new species. Biodiversity is a good thing: “And God said, “Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavens.” (Genesis 1:20 ESV)

Check out the complete list at

Here’s one personal thought on their list: Some of their items were picked for their level of human interest rather than on whether or not any great “scientific discovery” was made. Take for example, #10: “Real life kryptonite.”

Grace and Peace