Why Blog?

The version of WordPress that I am using for The GeoChristian gives me better statistical information about my blog than I got back when I blogged at “The Earth is Not Flat!” I not only get a count of how many views I have on a day to day basis, which I had before, but I also get a much better idea of how people find my blog, what posts they read, and what links they click on. For instance, in the past week some people have found my blog by searching for information through sites such as Google and Yahoo. They found me by looking for things like:

  • inner life of the cell extended
  • geography and maps 2007
  • enature online movie
  • deadly popcorn
  • miller living environment chapter 5
  • smart car kilometers per liter
  • unicorn in the bible
  • taking care of creation bible quotes
  • teaching geology from a christian standpoint
  • is christianity to blame ecological crisis

I don’t know who these people are. I’m sure many of them take one look and decide I don’t have what they’re looking for. I hope that some of them do find the information they are looking for. I also hope that some will find more than what they were looking for.

My hope and prayer is that some of these people, wherever they are in the world, will find one of two things:

  1. If they are a Christian, my prayer is that they will be built up in their faith in Christ through their reading of entries on my blog. Perhaps they will be edified by quotes from Packer or Bonhoeffer. Maybe they will gain a greater appreciation for the truthfulness of Scriptures by something I have written about science or apologetics. Or they might gain a better understanding of the Biblical basis for taking care of the Earth.
  2. If a reader is not a Christian, my prayer is that they will be pointed to Christ. I think about someone who found the blog this week by searching for “unicorn in the bible.” That person very well could have been a skeptic looking for evidence against the reliability of the Bible, and I hope that I can be used to show them that the Bible is trustworthy, and perhaps even soften their heart and mind so that the seed of the Word of God can be planted in them.

That is why I continue to blog–to build up the body of Christ, and to point others to Him.

Grace and Peace

P.S. Christianity Today recently had an article called The Death of Blogs, which states that even though there are three million new blogs started worldwide per month, most of them don’t have much to say and last for only a short time. The opening paragraph reads:

As weblogs proliferated earlier this decade, Andy Warhol’s famous aphorism was modified to read, “In the future, everyone will be famous to 15 people.” Now it looks like Warhol was right after all: Thanks to widespread blog burnout, everyone will be famous to 15 people for 15 minutes.

I’ve got a few more readers than 15, and have lasted longer than 15 minutes. Even if I never get more regular readers than I have now–I’m averaging about 70 views per day–I’ll try to keep on blogging as long as I’m pointing people to Christ.

One thought on “Why Blog?

  1. Good reasons on your part, but I don’t know that Christianity Today has such good reasoning in their article.

    It is similar to what happened with the whole dot com thing a few years ago. Did the Internet collapse? It was more of a “shake out” which occurs anytime things change rapidly. A lot of people jump in, but only the cream rises so to speak.

    Blogs are putting pressure on main stream media and allowing everyone to participate in the public discussion.

    And not everyone who starts up a blog is looking to rise to the top. Most of the blogs I read are looking to chat with some people about something that interests them. Some lose interest, some don’t. But most aren’t looking to challenge instapundit any time soon.


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