Seven billion

Depending on who’s counting, the planet’s human population either just hit seven billion or will some time soon (my desktop gadget says 6,925,052,273).

Glenn, at Be Bold, Be Gentle, passes along a quote from Dupont VP Jim Borel:

“This month, the global population reached 7 billion.  Each year, the world population grows by about 78 million people — equivalent to the population of Germany.  By 2050, world population will be 9 billion, growing to 10 billion by turn of the century.  Feeding and providing nutrition for this growing population — and doing it in a sustainable manner — may be the defining challenge of this century.”

Feeding the world is going to be one of the critical issues facing us throughout the century. Given current trends, world population could peak at around 10 billion later in the century, and then begin a slow decline.

I need to give more thought to the whole issue of food and population. I’d be interested in your thoughts on these questions:

  • Has the human race fulfilled the Genesis 1 command to “be fruitful and multiply?”
  • Can we sustainably feed 10 billion people?
  • What are the greatest challenges before us as we seek to feed Earth’s growing population? (I think of water shortages, land degradation, apathy, and political will).
  • What is the best approach to feeding the world? Genetically modified foods? Large-scale corporate farming? Small-scale family farming?
  • In what ways can Christians be involved in being part of the solution to feeding another three billion or more people in this century?

Grace and Peace


Home in Montana

I have a new home and a new job in a new state. It is good to be back home in Montana.

And it is good to be able to enjoy snow in June. Here I am as close to Beartooth Pass on the Montana-Wyoming border northwest of Yellowstone National Park as we could get by car last weekend.

The snowpack is exceptionally deep and long-lasting this year, which should lead to additional flooding as it all begins to melt in the upcoming weeks. According to the Billings Gazette, snowpack across Montana stands at 257% of normal for this time of year.

I hope to get a little more active on The GeoChristian in the upcoming weeks.

Grace and Peace