Bird Droppings Update

As I reported earlier, bird droppings survived the July 4th launch of the space shuttle Discovery. It turns out that they survived the fiery re-entry as well! My oldest son suggests that perhaps NASA should start making their heat-resistant tiles out of bird droppings instead. Grace and Peace

Evolution on the Galapagos Islands

From For the first time scientists have observed in real-time evolutionary changes in one species driven by competition for resources from another. In a mere two decades, one of Charles Darwin's finch species, Geospiza fortis, reduced its beak size to better equip itself to consume small sized seeds, scientists report in the July 14 …

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Space Shuttle Discovery Videos

NASA has videos of the July 4th launch of the space shuttle Discovery. Links can be found at An interesting note: bird droppings survived the launch (but are unlikely to survive the fiery reentry). An interesting astrobiological investigation would be to take a sample of those in space, and to see if any bacteria …

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