Billings tornado!

On Saturday, June 20, a rare Eastern Montana tornado destroyed the 10,000-seat Rimrock Auto Arena (formerly Metra) in Billings. No one was seriously injured or killed by this F2 tornado which went through a portion of Montana’s largest city.

Growing up in Billings, my memories of Metra include high school graduations (including mine), hockey games, high school basketball tournaments, concerts, rodeos, and various other events.

Youtube has a number of videos:

The large, rectangular building in the background is the Rimrock Auto Arena.

Grace and Peace

Still alive

Though my presence on the internet has been rather meager since November—and entirely absent since March—I am still alive and kicking. My primary excuses are (1) I’ve gone from not working to working long days plus Saturdays, and (2) being down to one computer in the household. Thank you to those of you who have emailed letting me know that you miss posts on The GeoChristian. I have a lot of topics I want to write about and will try to squeeze blogging into my schedule at least once a week.

Grace and Peace