Excuses and plans

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately.

Here are my basic excuses:

  • I have had a very busy summer at work.
  • The family keeps me busy.

These are both good things, but they haven’t left much time for writing. My third excuse is that I’ve had a bad case of writer’s block. I sit down to write and come up with nothing worth publishing on the blog.

I have no shortage of writing ideas, including:

  • The gospel for geoscientists.
  • A series on the pillars of young-Earth creationism, explaining why YEC is not Biblically necessary.
  • A more in-depth review of some of the recent rants written by YECs.
  • A series on Biblical environmentalism.
  • Re-writing what I view as some of my more important blog posts.
  • Geology of Montana.
  • The usual day-to-day tidbits I come across on the internet.

I am considering some changes, such as:

  • Getting my own domain.
  • Creating a greater variety of content, such as videos that could be placed both on The GeoChristian and on video sites such as YouTube.

In all of this, my goal continues to be to glorify my Creator by building up the church and pointing non-believers to the Savior.

Thanks for reading The GeoChristian, and for your prayers.

Grace and Peace

4 thoughts on “Excuses and plans

  1. Dawson

    Hate to say “me too” but “me too” to the above comments. I hope you are able to find more time for your efforts here but understand if you don’t.


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