Abnormal normality

From Francis Schaeffer:

“Non-Christian philosophers almost universally agree in seeing everything as normal, assuming things are as they have always been. The Christian sees things now as not the way they have always been. […] The distinction is that as I look about me I know I live in an abnormal world.”

Genesis in Space and Time, p. 97 (Chapter 5, The space-time fall and its results).

2 thoughts on “Abnormal normality

  1. WebMonk

    Context here might be helpful. Is he talking about physical laws today being abnormal, or is he talking about human nature, or sin, or something else?


  2. Rod

    I assume Schaefer is talking about the Fall, a break in the relationship between Man and God and nature. But if that is true, there has to be some natural idyllic state. Is that the time after the Resurrection, or some distant past, or both?


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