Change of Name, Change of Location

The Earth is Not Flat! is moving, and is changing its name.

The new name is The GeoChristian.

The new location is

Here are some of the reasons:

  • The name “GeoChristian” reflects who I am much more strongly than “The Earth is Not Flat!” did. I always had to explain what I meant by “The Earth is Not Flat!” but the name “GeoChristian” says two important things about me: I am a follower of Christ, and the area of my greatest passion in science is the Earth sciences.
  • The blog is cheaper and easier to manage at than it was when I had my own address.

The old blog will be online for a few months, but will not be updated.

My hope and prayer is that this blog would be used to build up the body of Christ, and to point non-believers to Him.

I’m looking forward to seeing you here at The GeoChristian

Grace and Peace

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