The GeoChristian on Facebook

The GeoChristian now has a Facebook Page:

Facebook is not the best place to have a dialog about substantial issues, especially because after a day or two almost no one reads the comments on a post. But Facebook does have over one billion users, so it is a means of tapping into a larger audience.

My hope and prayer is that God would use The GeoChristian Facebook page to build up the Body of Christ, and to point unbelievers to the Savior.

Grace and Peace.

One thought on “The GeoChristian on Facebook

  1. curtis lambert

    I’m 65 years old . my name is curt lambert my life long interest has been archaeology, paleontology, shells, indian artifacts ,minerals , trees etc. I think the key to the whole conversation is learning whether evolution or creation both words mean “magic” . Many people don’t consult Hebrew, or even know common birds or trees. i to have travelled many states . I have a large collection and i feel you are right on. My concern is the falseness of creationism to our young christians . I am uneducated and not a public speaker. So i thank you for what you are doing.


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