Job search update

A few of you have asked how the job search is going. Well… it is still going.

  • I still have a tentative offer from my former employer from before I went overseas to teach. This would be an excellent position (interesting work, great pay and benefits), but the hiring process is excruciatingly long. Until it is a done deal, I’m still looking.
  • I know I’m being considered for a couple of positions in Colorado and Washington that I could do very well at. These are both geospatial/cartography positions.
  • I’m looking for temporary work in the Denver area to fill in the gap until a permanent job comes in. I’m mainly looking at GIS or geological laboratory work, but am open to other things.

Click here for a brief resume, or go to Ten reasons why you should hire me.

Thanks for asking and for your prayers.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Job search update

  1. Eric from Cowtown

    Recognizing that there is no “silver bullet” in job searching, have you linked in to I’ve been able to reconnect with old colleagues and take part in some geoscience discussions through linkedin. For the introvert, it is a easy form of networking.


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