Competition for jobs

Yahoo News: Job competition toughest since recession began

The number of job seekers competing for each opening has reached the highest point since the recession began, according to government data released Friday.

The employment crisis is expected to worsen as companies stay reluctant to hire. Many economists expect a jobless recovery, putting pressure on President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats to stimulate job creation.

There are about 6.3 unemployed workers competing, on average, for each job opening, a Labor Department report shows. That’s the most since the department began tracking job openings nine years ago, and up from only 1.7 workers when the recession began in December 2007.

A few comments:

  • I’ve been told that there are 50-100 applicants for some geospatial/GIS positions I have applied for. I’ve been a finalist (top 8?) for a number of these.
  • I don’t place high confidence in the government’s ability to create jobs in a way that is good for the economy in the long run. The only result of previous government job stimuli that I have seen so far has been an increase in the number of temporary positions, which I have been applying for. But what I really need is long-term employment.
  • There are millions of people like me who for one reason or another are not even counted in the government’s unemployment figures.

Grace and Peace

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