I moved from Romania to Colorado in 2008. I moved to Missouri in 2009. I’ll be moving “home” to Montana in a few weeks.

John Steinbeck wrote, “I am in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love.” Here are three videos from Leadership Montana that hint at why Steinbeck may have felt this way:

My work on the blog could be a little sparse in the upcoming weeks.

Grace and Peace

3 thoughts on “Montana

  1. Tim Helble


    I’ll be visiting western Montana this July – mostly the Glacier N.P. area. Any tips on “must see” places in that part of the state would be welcome.



  2. geochristian


    I’m from the other end of the state and am no expert on northwestern Montana, except that it is a wonderful place.

    It all depends on what you like to do. If I were at Glacier (which I haven’t been to since 1983), I would stop at every opportunity I could along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, especially up near Logan Pass. My favorite hike in the Park is the trail from Many Glacier Hotel up to Grinnell Glacier.

    If you are into day hikes, there are 1001 places to go outside of Glacier as well.

    The book Roadside Geology of Montana is excellent, and will give a good overview of the geology. Most of the bedrock geology of NW Montana is Precambrian, with a lot of good Quaternary geology on top of it.

    We liked Waterton NP up in Alberta as well. The restaurant variety in Waterton is much better than in the contractor-run facilities in Glacier, if that is important to you. We also enjoyed the boat ride up the length of Waterton Lake.


  3. JL

    We visited Montana two years ago–if you can travel south of Glacier, the National Bison Range is a great place to comprehend the scope of glacial Lake Missoula, and the Missoula Children’s Carousel is a treat. I must say that while those videos are gorgeous, you’d never guess from viewing them that it ever snows in Montana!


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