Arks a-plenty

The Noah’s Ark theme park being built by Answers in Genesis gets lots of publicity, but it is only one of a number of Noah’s Ark projects in progress around the world. Christianity Today reports on eight such projects: A Flood of Arks.


If you were to build a Noah’s Ark attraction, what would you include?

I think I would try to build mine out of “gopher barky barky.”

Grace and Peace

10 thoughts on “Arks a-plenty

  1. I find this appalling, especially answers in genesis which insists on creating a for profit park for the purpose of promoting a specific view of creation. I think there are so many more causes that we as Christians can spend our money on.


  2. An amusement park centered mainly on a large ark, like Answers in Genesis’ Ark Encounter park, won’t get enough visitors to sustain it in the long haul. What they need are some thrill rides. I propose including a catastrophic plate tectonics roller coaster.


  3. geochristian


    My response is more muted. Of course I think organizations like Answers in Genesis provide a faulty defense of the truthfulness of Christianity and the Bible, but I think their underlying objectives are good: building up the body of Christ, and evangelizing the lost.

    Those are my objectives as well.

    That doesn’t change the fact that their bad apologetics can result in the opposite of what they intend. When children are raised with curricula that dogmatically teach things that are neither in the Bible nor valid scientifically, it will backfire for many. They are, unfortunately, already gone. When thinking adults are told that if one does not believe that the entire Pleistocene (and Neolithic) can be squeezed into a few centuries they don’t really believe the Bible, great harm is done as well.


  4. geochristian


    Great ideas. I love the roller coaster idea. Perhaps there could be a floating vegetation mats bumper car ride as well.


  5. geochristian

    Pets allowed on the swinging Ark ride.

    But pets can only get off of the Floating Vegetation Mats Bumper Cars at just the right time. For example, pet dinosaurs can only get off when the sign says “Mesozoic.”


  6. Jacob

    There is something about that picture of a STEEL frame as an unfinished representation of the ark that made me laugh. I don’t know where to begin…


  7. Lisa Keith-Lucas

    To build such a boat Noah must have had a large contingent of workers (some suggest that Noah was a wealthy businessman, and could hire lots of workers to help). Did they know they would be left to drown?


  8. Robert Byers

    The ark was made of a strange type of wood. Probably a easily mallable wood and so easy to work with and easy to float on the water.
    I love these theme park things as they aggressively promote the truth of genesis . They insist there was a flood.
    It promotes the hugh size and how it could hold all life from the dry land.
    Yes it would have dinos all kinds. It was a true event that God promised would happen and the disbelievers were rightly destroyed. Not the last time unfortunately.


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