Evangelical pastors, the age of the Earth, and human evolution

From Christianity Today — Survey of Evangelical pastors convictions regarding the age of the Earth and human evolution:

Self-identified evangelical pastors on whether the earth is 6,000 years old:

No answer: 13%

Strongly agree : 29%

Somewhat agree: 19%

Somewhat disagree: 12%

Strongly disagree: 27%


Self-identified evangelical pastors on whether God used evolution to create people:

No answer: 3%

Strongly agree: 8%

Somewhat agree: 10%

Somewhat disagree: 9%

Strongly disagree: 70%


Source: LifeWay Research

Grace and Peace

9 thoughts on “Evangelical pastors, the age of the Earth, and human evolution

  1. Sapphire

    I’m guessing from the article that this refers only to the USA
    Believe it or not there are other nations in the world that have evangelical pastors in them and where the polls would be substantially different.


  2. geochristian


    I imagine the numbers would be substantially different. European pastors (with less American YEC influence) would probably be more likely to be accepting of an old Earth. In the rest of the world, there is probably considerable variation.


  3. yewnique

    I hope those numbers are only for US evangelical pastors. Although, I have to say, I feel that the ‘American YEC influence’ is making its way here to Australia. After all, AiG frontman, Ken Ham is Australian.


  4. geochristian

    I was actually encouraged by the numbers on the age of the Earth. Only 29% of Evangelical pastors “strongly agree” that the Earth is only 6000 years old. Almost as many (27%) are on the opposite end of the spectrum, saying that they “strongly disagree” with the YEC position that there is only one way to read the opening chapters of Genesis.

    It actually looks like a lot of Evangelical pastors have been able to read the Bible for themselves, rather than looking at it only through YEC-colored eyeglasses.


  5. Sean S.

    If it were a requirement to take and pass both Biology and Geology as taught in respected universitires for a High School diploma, this nonsense would be stopped in it’s tracks.


  6. Bob Lepore

    So todays discovery in the Horror Caves of a 6000 yr old Mummified Jewish male youth puts a new date for Earths beginning! Science is sacred as well! Dead Sea Scroll pieces were found as well but most have been stolen from that deep cave.


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