Seven years of Opportunity

The rover Opportunity has been on the surface of Mars for over seven years now. From Astronomy Picture of the Day for January 29th: Opportunity at Santa Maria Crater.

Credit: Mars Exploration Rover Mission, NASA, JPL, Cornell

The panorama is much more detailed on the APOD site.

The description from APOD:

Celebrating 7 years on the surface of the Red Planet, Mars exploration rover Opportunity now stands near the rim of 90 meter wide Santa Maria crater. Remarkably, Opportunity and its fellow rover Spirit were initially intended for a 3 month long primary mission. Still exploring, the golf cart-sized robot and shadow (far right) appear in the foreground of this panoramic view of its current location. The mosaic was constructed using images from the rover’s navigation camera. On its 7 year anniversary, Opportunity can boast traversing a total of 26.7 kilometers along the martian surface. After investigating Santa Maria crater, controllers plan to have Opportunity resume a long-term trek toward Endurance crater, a large, 22 kilometer diameter crater about 6 kilometers from Santa Maria. During coming days, communication with the rover will be more difficult as Mars moves close to alignment with the Sun as seen from planet Earth’s perspective.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Seven years of Opportunity

  1. Daer Geo,

    I have not responded to as many of your posts as I would have liked – which makes no difference as you never acknowledge my comments and I suspect you don’t like English people – but I really do appreciate what you share here. I love the fact that they are not just a defence of the faith, but also a reflection upon your wider scientific interests. You come across as a widely read and holistic human being. We don’t have adult Sunday School in the UK, but if we did, I wish you could take one.

    God bless,



  2. geochristian


    Sorry if you’ve felt ignored. Your comments have been great; thus the lack of response on my part.

    I have nothing against English people, and know that many of them are nothing like Mr. Bean.

    Grace and Peace,


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