Ongoing conversations — dinosaur eggs, and why I’m a Christian

I’m sort of caught between the young-Earth creationists on one side and the militant Dawkinsites on the other. I love them both: the YECs are my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and Jesus loves the atheists, so I do too.

There are a couple of interesting conversations going on on some of my older posts:

  • A conversation about dinosaur eggs under Dinosaur footprints part 3.  Did stressed dinosaurs lay those eggs while swimming around in the flood?
  • A conversation about “How can you be a Christian and a scientist at the same time?” under Darwin’s birthday #2. I am having a dialog with some lengthy comments with an atheist who calls himself  Human Ape. He uses language like “Christians are uneducated morons” on his own blog, but has been mostly respectful in his comments on my blog.

Please feel free to join in.

Grace and Peace

3 thoughts on “Ongoing conversations — dinosaur eggs, and why I’m a Christian

  1. geochristian


    I think you win the award for the shortest comment ever on The GeoChristian (I suppose someone could beat you out by typing in “!” as their comment). I actually enjoyed some of the quotes and cartoons on your blog. Some of them cut straight to the heart of the shallowness or ignorance of some within Christianity. However, some of them exposed typical atheist ignorance about Christianity, such as the one that says

    “All religious books is [sic] like a software license. Nobody reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click “I agree””

    Here are some more quotes by an atheist (Michael Ruse) you can add to your page:

    “It is not that the atheists are having a field day because of the brilliance and novelty of their thinking. Frankly — and I speak here as a nonbeliever myself, pretty atheistic about Christianity and skeptical about all theological claims — the material being churned out is second rate. And that is a euphemism for “downright awful.” — Michael Ruse


    “It is simply that it (and the other works, some of which I have gone after elsewhere) is not very good. For a start, Dawkins is brazen in his ignorance of philosophy and theology (not to mention the history of science).” — Michael Ruse


    “Dawkins misunderstands the place of the proofs [cosmological, etc.], but this is nothing to his treatment of the proofs themselves. This is a man truly out of his depth.” — Michael Ruse

    Here are more good quotes for you on the topic of atheism:

    With respect,
    Kevin N


  2. Richard

    Have you listened to Al Mohler’s presentation at the recent Ligonier Conference on the question of the appearance of age in the universe?


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