The best of young Earth creationism

I’ve added three links on my blogroll: “The best of young-Earth creationism.”

I strongly disagree with these guys on geological issues, but admire them for:

  • Being bold in their convictions and commitment to Biblical Christianity
  • Being willing to confront some of the problems with young-Earth creationism
  • Being respectful of those who disagree with them
  • Being very smart guys. I’m not sure I would want to get in a live debate with any of them, even though I’m right and they’re wrong about the age of the Earth and the extent and work of the flood

The three blogs are:

  • Proslogion — Dr. Jay Wile. Dr. Wile is a nuclear chemist and is author of the popular Exploring Creation With Chemistry/Physics/Biology/Physical Science series for high school homeschoolers.
  • The New Creationism — Paul Garner. Mr. Garner is a young-Earth geologist.
  • Todd’s Blog — Dr. Todd Wood. Dr. Wood is a biology professor at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, home of the famous/infamous Scopes Monkey Trial. Dr. Wood has taken some flack from fellow young-Earth creationists for admitting that evolution “works, and it works well.”

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “The best of young Earth creationism

  1. geochristian


    Thanks for the invite, but I won’t be there. I would actually love to attend something like this sometime, but it won’t work out this year.


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