U-Haul trucks — geological billboards

Here’s the side of our U-Haul truck from our Colorado to Missouri move last month:

Like many U-Haul trucks, this one had a geological theme depicted on its side:

Did you know… Strange flora, previously unknown to science, were discovered in the hidden Ketona Dolomite Glades, an area often referred to as a “botanical lost world.” Why do these mysterious rare plants grow only over this unique Cambrian rock?

A further description of the plants that grow on the Ketona Dolomite, and how the composition of this dolomite affects the plants, can be found at www.uhaul.com/supergraphics/.

Thanks, U-Haul, for your contribution to Earth science education.

Grace and Peace

5 thoughts on “U-Haul trucks — geological billboards

  1. WebMonk

    I like the ones with some text explanation on them best. Yesterday I saw one that had some sort of green, bubbly, donut-looking things on the side and I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be. I didn’t notice a state or geographic area mentioned either.


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