Reading the Bible in 2010

It is not too late to make a Bible-reading goal for 2010! Many make a New Year’s resolution to read the Bible more consistently than they have in the past, and many don’t stick to that resolution.

Here’s what works for me.

Rather than using a reading schedule, with a daily listing of what chapters to read, I usually use a Bible reading checklist:

Kevin’s Bible Reading Checklist – PDF file (44 kb)

It has all sixty-six books of the Bible with their chapters. I mark off each chapter as I read.


This system gives me greater flexibility than a schedule does, yet still helps me to reach my reading goals. This year I plan on reading the New Testament (probably twice), as well as reading the Old Testament historical and wisdom books (Genesis through Song of Solomon). One advantage of this system over using a schedule is that I can vary my pace.


Feel free to download and print this for yourself and pass it on to others:

Kevin’s Bible Reading Checklist – PDF file (44 kb)

My hope and prayer is to encourage you to be in the Word in 2010, and that you would know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ better because of it.

Grace and Peace


P.S. If you are really hungry for the Word, you can try Glenn Brooke’s Read the Bible in 30 Days.

3 thoughts on “Reading the Bible in 2010

  1. Thanks for these plans, Kevin! The most important thing is that we plan for Bible reading effort. “Grace is opposed to earning, not effort.” — Dallas Willard. We simply don’t reach spiritual maturity by happenstance and passivity.

    The next most important thing: when we fall down on our good intentions, get back up and reading again.


  2. WebMonk

    My wife and I finished a mix-and-match Bible reading series, and I thought it worked out pretty well – We liked it better than the straight-through reading plans we had used before.

    We’re getting “adventurous” and doing a chronological reading plan at the moment. We’ve each worked through different chronological arrangements with different reactions. The method of chopping things up has a huge effect on the readability.

    The one we’re working on now seems to get a good balance between staying chronological and avoiding chopping verses into mincemeat to get them absolutely perfectly in order. It’s the “Daily Bible In Chronological Order: 365 Daily Readings” (ISBN 0890817596) if anyone is interested.


  3. Hi Kevin, your Bible reading plan looks great – and I like the flexibility angle. My wife and I used Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s reading plan which took us through the Bible in one year – the Psalms and NT twice. That took some discipline, but we did it.


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