Third anniversary of The GeoChristian

The first post of The GeoChristian was on March 16, 2006. At first I called the blog The Earth is not Flat, but later changed the name to The GeoChristian. The name GeoChristian indicates two important things about me. The first is my Christian faith, which is a core part of who I am. The second is my interest in the subject of geology, which isn’t at the core of who I am, but close.

Here are a few statistics from my first three years of blogging:

  • 178,213 hits (not counting my own page views)
  • 659 posts
  • 414 comments (thank you!)
  • 3,516 spam comments deleted

I believe that The GeoChristian is close to unique in the blogosphere. There are plenty of excellent Christian blogs, and there are a number of excellent geology blogs. There are not many that combine the two.

The most commonly viewed post on The GeoChristian is one about, which people find through search engines. This post doesn’t really fit into my overall theme. Here are my favorite posts from the past three years:

Thanks again for reading The GeoChristian.

Soli Deo Gloria — To God Alone be the Glory

Grace and Peace

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