Resurrecting mammoths


From LiveScience: Extinct Woolly Mammoth’s DNA Mapped

Scientists for the first time have unraveled much of the genetic code of an extinct animal, the ice age’s woolly mammoth, and with it they are thawing Jurassic Park dreams.

Their groundbreaking achievement has them contemplating a once unimaginable future when certain prehistoric species might one day be resurrected.

“It could be done. The question is, just because we might be able to do it one day, should we do it?” asked Stephan Schuster, the Penn State University biochemistry professor and co-author of the new research. “I would be surprised to see if it would take more than 10 or 20 years to do it.”

I’d love to see a living woolly mammoth. Are there ethical issues I’m missing?

Image from Wikipedia: Woolly Mammoth

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