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Oil, geologists, women

The November issue of GSA Today (from the Geological Society of America) has a graph showing the inflation-adjusted price of oil, the number of graduates in the geosciences, and the percentage of those graduates who are female:


Black: price of a barrel of oil in 2007 US dollars

Red: number of geoscience graduates (plummeted in the mid to late 1980s)

Green: percentage of those geoscience graduates who are female (now over 40%)

From Rhodes, D.D., Generational and Cyclical Demographic Change in The Geological Society of America, GSA Today, November 2008

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November 6, 2008 - Posted by | Geology

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  1. Add my wife to that number…unfortunately we don’t live in an area with ANY geology-related businesses. I live 5 miles from the Rockies, yet there aren’t any jobs in this area.


    Comment by PHW | November 7, 2008

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