President Obama

As you know, I supported John McCain for president. In his concession speech last night, McCain modeled the graciousness and respect that we should have for the president-elect, Barack Obama. The election of an African-American to the presidency is certainly a historic occasion, and a sign that we as a nation are maturing in terms of race relations. I’ll be praying for him.

Quotes from some other Christian blogs:

It is indeed significant to have elected our first black president. This will help in exorcising our racial demons. (I read a black journalist who said that if Obama won, which he could scarcely believe would happen, that it would show that everything he believed about white people would be proven wrong).

I think we will see in President Obama a repeat of the John Kennedy phenomenon: an upsurge of idealism that may sweep away much of our cultural cynicism, especially among the young and among our cultural elite. This would be healthy.

…I have misgivings and fears, but I’m looking for the positives, and I do think there will be some.

(Gene Edward Veith – Cranach)

Almighty and sovereign God, ruler over all that you have made: As we awoke today to a new president, some of us are surprised, but the outcome of yesterday’s voting is not a surprise to you, who know and ordain our beginning and our end.

Thank you for the precious truth that, in Christ, your mercies are new every morning. We confess that too often we have put our trust in chariots and horses—and presidents—instead of your perfect rule. We confess our fretting and, instead, rest this morning in your sovereign governing over all that you have made.

We pray for our new president, making intercessions and thanksgiving for him. Through our voting, you have appointed a ruler to govern your people; work through him to promote that which is good and to punish that which is evil.

Protect his and his family’s lives, and make him a defender of life.

Guide him as he guides our government….

(William C. Marsh at World Magazine)

Some positive things I’m looking forward to in the Obama presidency:

  • Greater protection for the environment.
  • Greater investment in alternative energy resources.

Grace and Peace

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