A final plug

1. I’m unemployed.

2. I haven’t made enough money to pay federal income taxes since 1999.

3. I’m paying for expensive health insurance out of my own pocket.

4. My retirement account is shrinking, not growing.

5. I’m an environmentalist.

So who am I voting for?



1. I’m unemployed. The tax plan of McCain is more likely to stimulate job growth than the tax plan of Obama.

2. Taxes on the middle class. Obama’s plan could make more than half of American workers into non-taxpayers. That might be popular with some, but it isn’t a good idea to have a majority of non-taxpayers dictating the laws while a minority are paying the taxes. I say this as one who has been on the bottom of the middle class and has not had any taxable income for the past eight years. I wouldn’t mind paying my fair share (but no more).

3. Health insurance. It’s expensive, and needs reforming, but I’m not convinced that Obama will take it in a good direction.

4. Shrinking retirement account. It is going to take hard work on my part to be ready for retirement years. “Hard work on my part” would be a better attitude on the part of working Americans than “How can the government make this easy.”

5. I’m an environmentalist. So is John McCain. Obama has a good environmental voting record as well, for the most part (except perhaps for mountain-top coal removal). John McCain has spent time in the wilderness. How much time has Obama spent in the creation all alone with the rocks, streams, and squirrels? This will make one a deeper environmentalist than reading Al Gore.

6. Abortion. I cannot vote for someone who has such a disregard for the weakest ones in our society. Obama’s voting record on abortion is actually to the left of Kennedy, Boxer, and other liberal leaders.

Go out and vote (unless you are voting for Obama).

Grace and Peace

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