Major life changes

Here’s my explanation for the six-week hiatus in blog entries:

For more than a year, my wife and I have been talking and praying about leaving the mission field and moving back to the United States. We have been in Bucharest, Romania, since January 2003, where I have been serving as the grades 7-12 science teacher at Bucharest Christian Academy. At the end of March, we sent out a letter to our supporters letting them know that we had made the decision to return to the United States. We flew from Bucharest to Denver, Colorado on June 5th, and have spent the past two weeks getting moved in and gathering our stuff from Missouri and Iowa.

This was a difficult decision to make. My teaching ministry at BCA was going well, and we have many close friends in Bucharest. The decision was based mostly on what we would like the next twenty to thirty years of our lives to look like, and what we would have to do to make that possible. My wife is enrolled in the M.A. in Counseling program at Colorado Christian University in Denver, and I am looking for permanent employment. I hope to find a job as a geologist, cartographer, or geographic information system (GIS) professional. I still have a commitment to science education, but it will likely be in the area of curriculum development rather than as a classroom teacher.

We appreciate your prayers as we go through a number of adjustments: getting used to life in the USA, missing friends, looking for a church, looking for a job (!!!).

One thing I won’t have a hard time adjusting to: living near the mountains!

It is still a life of faith.

Grace and Peace

One thought on “Major life changes

  1. Carol

    Know that our prayers are with you in this transition. I think it is great you want to get into curriculum development. I think that science curriculum from a Christian perspective that rightly divide the Word of Truth and rightly divide the Book of Nature are lacking.


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