HIV/AIDS: A.B.C., S.L.O.W., or S.T.O.P.?

Christianity Today has an article on Kay Warren’s framework for fighting HIV/AIDS. (Kay Warren is the Wife of Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren).

The article is HIV/AIDS: S.L.O.W. It Down, or S.T.O.P. It?

The approach that has been promoted by many Christians in places like Africa is ABC —

  • A — Abstinence
  • B — Be faithful
  • C — Condoms

To me, ABC is a no-brainer. Virgins don’t get HIV. Mutually faithful couples don’t get HIV. And in the larger community, consistent use of condoms will reduce the transmission rate of HIV.

The SLOW/STOP approach seems to build on this, and addresses some of the legitimate criticisms of the ABC program. SLOW/STOP has the two-pronged goal of slowing the transmission of the virus in the general population, and stopping it among those who will listen to moral reasoning.

Read the article for a description of SLOW and STOP.

You don’t have to be a Purpose Driven Life fan (I’m not) in order to admire the work of compassion that is going on here. I do wonder why they have copyrighted the SLOW and STOP acrostics.

Grace and Peace

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