For the Beauty of the Earth — Chapter 1

for_the_beauty.jpgI am slowly reading For the Beauty of the Earth: A Christian Vision For Creation Care by Steven Bouma-Prediger. Chapter 1 is “Where Are We? An Ecological Perception of Place.”

Here are some quotes:

Despite our education we remain ecologically illiterate. Or perhaps more accurately, because of our education we remain ignorant of how the world works.

Ecological literacy is “built on a view of ourselves as finite and fallible creatures living in a world limited by natural laws.” (Quote from David Orr, Ecological Literacy)

Everything is connected to everything else.

“Every one of us is downwind or downstream of everyone else.” (Quote from G. Tyler Miller, Living in the Environment)

We can never do only one thing. Our actions always have many consequences, some of which we do not now and cannot predict.

Ecology is the study of interrelationships in the biosphere: relationships between organisms and between organisms and their environments. These quotes apply to how we care for the Earth, but also apply to how we relate to each other.

Grace and Peace

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