Strange Bedfellows?

geotimes.jpgThis month’s Geotimes magazine has a “science and faith” theme. I haven’t seen the hard copy yet, but some of the articles are available online. One of the articles is called Strange Bedfellows? Evangelicals and Scientists Join Forces on Climate. It starts with:

Global warming is melting permafrost around the world, but earlier this year rising temperatures also led to the thawing of the notoriously frosty relations between scientists and evangelical Christians, triggering climate change of the political kind. Alarmed by the potential impact on society that climate change poses, leaders of both camps laid down their arms over how we arrived on Earth and joined forces, issuing an “Urgent Call to Action” to address global environmental issues.

Here are a few observations:

  • According to the author, relations between scientists and evangelical Christians are “notoriously frosty.” This, unfortunately, is true. Sometimes it is the scientists’ fault, such as when a scientist uses his position as a pulpit for atheism (Azimov, Sagan, Dawkins). Often it is the Christians’ fault.
  • Much of what is in the article isn’t new, such as last year’s controversy within the National Association of Evangelicals over efforts by Richard Cizik to give “Creation Care” a higher emphasis within the organization.
  • Even though Evangelicals often disagree about what is going on with global warming, I am encouraged that there is a growing willingness to acknowledge the importance of environmental issues within the Evangelical community.

Grace and Peace

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