Yes and No

Here’s a quote I read today from Christianity Today:

“What good is it if people believe in intelligence? That’s no different than atheism in that if it’s not the God of the Bible, it’s not Jesus Christ, it’s not salvation.”
(Ken Ham, president of the creationist group Answers in Genesis, criticizing Intelligent Design as weakening scriptural authority)

Ken Ham is absolutely correct. The only way to have salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. It is not good enough to believe in an Intelligence, a supernatural Divine Architect, Allah, or the Supreme Being.

Ken Ham is also correct in that ID can only bring a person so far. It cannot bring a person to fully understand sin or salvation in Christ. As I brought out in my sermon Christ and Creation, posted earlier tonight, study of the creation couldand shouldbring a person to the point of seeing that there must be a Creator, some things about the nature of that Creator, and that we are accountable to that Creator.

But I disagree with Ken Ham’s assertion that ID is a compromise. It is, in fact, consistent with what the Scripture says about natural revelation. ID is very much in line with Psalm 19 and Romans 1:18-20, and in no way contradicts what is said in the opening chapters of Genesis.

Natural revelation is incomplete. That, I believe, was God’s intention. A much more complete revelation of God is found in Scripture, and even more in Jesus Christ. Design arguments can point people to God. The Holy Spirit uses Scriptures to bring them the rest of the way.

Grace and Peace

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