Christianity Today Global Warming Poll

Christianity Today has an online poll, surveying its readers with the question “Should evangelicals lobby on global warming?” The results of the survey so far are:

I’ll just make a few comments:

  • I’m encouraged by signs of a growing awareness among Evangelicals about environmental issues. By far, the most common answer was, “Yes, it is our job to care for creation.” For too long, to be if favor of environmental regulations, recycling programs, and wilderness areas meant one would be lumped in with “tree huggers.” I no longer feel out of place when I advocate various forms of “creation care” among believers.
  • The results of the survey could easily be misinterpreted. Just because I answered “Yes, it is our job to care for creation,” doesn’t mean that I necessarily endorse specific policies, such as the Kyoto Protocol.
  • I wish that there had been more options, such as, “Yes, even though the science is still a little ambiguous.”

How would you have voted in this survey?

Grace and Peace

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