Good Advice on Bad Arguments

For my web site of the week, I have chosen Arguments we think creationists should NOT use, published by Answers in Genesis, the young-Earth creationist organization led by Ken Ham. I am not a young-earth creationist, but have friends and coworkers who are, some of whom are trained in the sciences. This AiG page reports a number of invalid or questionable arguments that have beenand continue to beused by creationists. I appreciate this page, and refer my young-Earth friends to it often.

Some of the numerous faulty arguments that are discussed on this page are:

  • Darwin renounced evolution on his deathbed (he didn’t)
  • The thin layer of dust on the moon proves it is young (the original data for this was from the 1950s and was way off)
  • The 2nd law of thermodynamics began at the fall (there was no Biblical basis for this, and all processes that involve energy transfers operate under the 2nd law, and this is not due to the curse)
  • It did not rain before the flood (the Bible doesn’t say this)

Many well-meaning Christians continue to use these arguments on the internet, in books, and in classrooms. The dangers of doing so include:

  • Turning away non-Christians who see the weakness of these arguments.
  • Raising children who have a weak foundation in apologetics. If they someday see the falsehood of the arguments they were raised on, they could easily reject their Christian faith as well.

Grace and Peace

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