Bold and Gentle – book review exists due to the encouragement of my friend Glenn Brooke. Glenn, who has a PhD in biochemistry, is one of the smartest people I know. He is also one of the wisest. A wise person lives their life well, knows the right thing to do in various situations and actually does it; and helps others to do the same. On top of being smart and wise, Glenn is a good communicator. Glenn’s latest book is Bold and Gentle: Thriving Wisely in an Age of Exponential Change.

Glenn got started as a blog writer before I did, with a successful blog called “Be Bold, Be Gentle.” In 2006, we were visiting about science and Christianity, and Glenn suggested I give blogging a try. Fourteen years later, has had over a million page views, the accompanying Facebook page gets over 100,000 views per year, and I’ve written an Earth Science textbook that has been used by several thousand Christian middle school students. I thank Glenn for getting me started. Glenn’s vision of being simultaneously bold and gentle in our interactions at home, church, work, and in the community resonated with me from the beginning, and I have sought to always write the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) just as Glenn has modeled.

Glenn has written a number of books, many of which have been on leadership. Glenn’s Bold and Gentle points back to his initial blogging days. Glenn wrote this book for his adult children out of a desire to pass on the wisdom of living a bold and gentle life in a rapidly changing world. Glenn writes that technology and the economy are changing at an increasing pace, but people don’t change very much at all from generation to generation. Most of the chapters are just a few pages long, but give wisdom and insight on topics such as why wisdom matters, planning, developing skills that transcend the changing workplace, self-care, relationships, money, and long-term personal growth. At the end of the book, Glenn addresses special topics that will be challenging in the years ahead as his children go through their adulthood.

Glenn is much more of a talker than I am, and there are things I am sure he verbalized to his children as they were growing up that I kept inside with my own children, who are also now adults. Glenn has now passed on wisdom in writing to his own children with this book, and has given all of us a resource we can pass on to the next generations. May we and our children live boldly and gently in all our efforts and relationships.

Grace and Peace

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