RTB review of Earth Science textbook

Reasons to Believe (old-Earth Christian apologetics organization of Hugh Ross et al.) has a nice review of my new textbook Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home.

“Overall, Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home is an outstanding textbook to add to an old-earth science curriculum. Compared to a few years ago, we now have a rich well of resources to draw from for teaching science to young students, whether it is in formal classrooms at a Christian school or in homeschooling environments. As a matter of fact, this particular book, while excellent at teaching concepts for its intended middle school audience, could even be used at the community college level. Anyone looking for an earth science textbook for junior high or high schoolers should definitely consider this book. The straightforward writing keeps the focus on the science. Yet, as students might discover, science (as a study of God’s creation) should engender the soul and the mind to worship the Creator.”

Thank you to Dan Bakken for taking the time to review the book, and to Reasons to Believe for publishing the review.

Grace and Peace

One thought on “RTB review of Earth Science textbook

  1. Pamela Doran

    For the past week I have been watching lectures from The Great Courses Plus. I have always had a facination with Geology and Archeology and thought this site mite be a great resource. What I expected was for quite a bit if not all of the classes to start with the “Big picture” theories. I was right, but the more of them I watched, the more I wondered…are there any similar type of lectures that are engaging and interesting that come from a Creation point of view? I am now interested in picking up your textbook as it is one previously unknown resource. Thanks.


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