Advice for Christians who have doubts

Many Christians go through a time when they are troubled in their faith when confronted with challenges from skeptics and unbelievers.

Christianity today has posted the testimony of Gregory Alan Thornbury, who almost gave up his faith when challenged by the teachings of people beyond the liberal fringe of Christianity such as Marcus Borg, a member of the Jesus Seminar, a group of scholars devoted to cutting the Bible apart to create a new Jesus that is more to their liking. The thing that “saved” Thornbury was a book, in this case God, Revelation, and Authority by Carl Henry. Read more about it on the Christianity Today website: How I Almost Lost the Bible.

My advice to Christians who struggle with intellectual doubts:

  1. Read. Read, read, read. Search for answers as if you were digging for treasure. There are plenty of compelling reasons to stay in the faith. Read apologetics books by Keller, Geisler, Craig, Blomberg, Wright, and many others. There are answers.
  2. Doubt your doubts. The skeptics want you to doubt your faith. It is equally valid–or perhaps more valid in many cases–to doubt your doubts.
  3. Pray. There are spiritual aspects to the battle that you and I cannot see.

If you are doubting whether or not Christianity is true, there are answers. Is there a book that will “save” you from falling away? There is only one way to find out.

Grace and peace

3 thoughts on “Advice for Christians who have doubts

  1. geochristian

    Along the same lines, C Michael Patton (Parchment and Pen blog) has “Eight Diagnostic Questions I Ask of those Who Are Doubting their Faith.”


    His questions include:
    –What are you doubting?
    –Are there any books or teachings that you have recently been reading that might have contributed to your wavering faith? If so, which ones?
    –Do you believe that faith and doubt can exist at the same time?
    –Is there any persistent and unrepentant sin in which you are involved?


  2. John

    One additional comment, advise, talk to someone you respect, discuss any problems in believing. Other people will also have had your doubt and will have written about it.


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