Around the web 8/31/2013 — Fire-breathing dragons, Dawkins causes skeptics to consider Christianity, and more

READING DAWKINS LEADS THINKERS TO CHRIST — Jay Wile tells of two people who came to faith in Christ through reading the The God Delusion and other works by the New Atheists: Richard Dawkins Produces Another Theist. The woman Wile highlights in his article is a great-great-great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin.

FIRE BREATHING DRAGONS PROVE THE BIBLE IS TRUE? —  Naturalis Historia examines the YEC claim that dragons are not the mythological creatures we thought they were, but were really dinosaurs who survived for a while after Noah’s flood: Dinosaurs, Dragons and Ken Ham: The Literal Reality of Mythological Creatures.

Fortunately, most biblical scholars don’t buy into the YEC “dinosaurs in the Bible” argument  (see my blog post The ESV Study Bible on creation — Dinosaurs in Job?).

A FLOOD OF DEBT — According to The Huffington Post, the Christian school in South Carolina that made the news for its dinosaur quiz is going out of business for financial reasons. I wrote about the dinosaur quiz several times in the past few months: A 4th grade quiz on dinosaurs that the teacher would have given me an “F” onMore on the Answers in Genesis 4th grade dinosaur quiz, and Dinosaur quiz — part 3.

GEOLOGICAL BULLOld Earth Ministries got this comment from a young-Earth Creationist who stumbled across their site:

“I have never in my life read such foul lying trash than the trash I read on your website. I will simply say this. I pray to Jesus that you will see the light and stop trying to prove Darwin right. Darwin set out to try to prove that God did not exist and you have been tainted by it and the colleges you all have attended and you choose their words over the words of God. All that geological bull is Satan’s way of turning you from the truth. May God have mercy on your soul.” [emphasis added]

I’ve had a few emails and comments like that over the years as well. Sigh.

Grace and Peace


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