Around the web 4/21/2013 — Evolutionary evangelism, pink unicorns, and the man who sang before 200 million people

I’D RATHER TALK ABOUT JESUS — Theologian and apologist C. Michael Patton made an important discovery about the “what about evolution?” question back when he was still a young-Earth creationist. Rather than trying to convince an atheist that the earth was only a few thousand years old or that evolution was a big lie, he decided (a work of the Holy Spirit, I would say) that the whole creation/evolution debate was a distraction to effective evangelism:

The first thing she said was “What about evolution?” I immediately responded, “What about it?” She then proceeded to explain to me how evolution disproves Christianity. She expressed a desire to hear the “Christian side” of the issue. I told her that, while interesting and important, it did not make any difference right now. “It does not make any difference? What do you mean? It discredits your faith,” she said. “No, it does not. There are a lot of Christians who are evolutionists. I am not one, but there is no need for me to talk you out of evolution. I want to talk to you about Jesus.”

Read about it here: Forget about Evolution and Inerrancy (For a Minute).

WHO HAS THE INVISIBLE PINK UNICORN PROBLEM? — The website has re-posted my The Pleistocene is not in the bible post.  Some of the categories at include “Answers for atheists,” “Design vs. Evolution,” and “Biblical Creation.” The site promotes a day-age interpretation of Genesis 1. I just read through one of the articles, Invisible Pink Unicorn, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Santa Claus and God, and enjoyed the following section:

The multiverse is commonly given by atheists as a reason why the universe appears to be designed for human life. Accordingly, there are an infinite number of universes that have been created by the magical multiverse. We just happen to live in the one that has the right laws of physics so that human beings are possible. However, according to this belief, an infinite number of universe would allow anything to exist. So, although there may be no invisible pink unicorns in this universe, if there were an infinite number of universes, one would expect at least one of them to produce exactly the right conditions under which invisible pink unicorns would be the dominant life form.

HORSE HYPEREVOLUTION — Naturalis Historia continues its series on YECs and the fossil record and evolution of horses. The problem this time is genetic bottlenecks. See Horsing Around with Genetic Sorting: Horse Series Part IV.

HE’S SINGING EVEN BETTER NOW — Singer George Beverly Shea died this week at the age of 104. In his lifetime, he sang live before an estimated 200 million people—more than anyone else in history—through his 60-year role in Billy Graham evangelistic campaigns. Hear him sing “How Great Thou Art” at the age of 103:

Grace and Peace

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