Around the web 1/26/2013

GENESIS 1:1 IN KLINGON — has Genesis 1:1 in Klingon.


I guess that might come in handy if a Klingon shows up at the next Answers in Genesis conference.

For those of us who don’t know the Klingon alphabet, there is an English transliteration.

Oh my, there are links to the Klingon Bible — here and here. “yeSuS ‘IHrIStoS, [Qun’a’ puqloD] Delbogh De’ QaQ’e’ taghlu’.”

I actually don’t look at this as a useless exercise. If I were a Trekie who was into learning Klingon, I would want to be able to communicate the gospel in a way that my fellow Trekies could relate to.

YEC EXPEDITION FAILS TO FIND LIVING DINOSAURS IN CONGO — From (formerly In Search of Mokele-mbembes.

WAYS IN WHICH MILLIONS OF US COULD DIE — Planetary disasters: It could happen one night. Mega-tsunamis, super-volcanoes, gamma-ray blasts, fungal attacks, asteroid impacts, solar flares…

The Sun occasionally launches outsize solar flares, which fry electricity grids by generating intense currents in wires. The most recent solar megastorm, in 1859, sparked fires in telegraph offices; today, a similarly sized storm would knock out satellites and shut down power grids for months or longer. That could cause trillions of dollars in economic damage. A solar flare some 20 times larger than that may have hit Earth in 774…


BIBLE TOWNSThe ten most Bible-minded cities in America. And the least Bible minded cities.

A WILD RIDE — This doesn’t have much to do with Christianity, science, the Bible, etc., but this documentary on Al Jazeera was fascinating: Risking it all: Pakistani truckers’ perilous journey.

Grace and Peace

4 thoughts on “Around the web 1/26/2013

  1. matterhorn731

    I see that Eric Hovind has already covered his bases for the disappointing lack of abandoning evolution if (and a very small IF, not at all a when) a non-avian dinosaur (as opposed to any other possible candidate or nothing) is discovered in the Congo. Apparently it’s because we’ve all thrown God and Creation (which he doesn’t distinguish from Young Earth Creationism) out the window and not at all because he has a fundamentally flawed understanding of evolutionary science and what would *actually* be needed to falsify it.

    These people have seen how the Coelocanth failed to convince anyone. Do they honestly think a second surviving group of dinosaur will do anything different?

    [Random side note: I wonder if the YECs would be able to use the Coelocanth argument if we’d found the living specimens BEFORE we’d found the fossils.]


  2. The wild ride video was fascinating. It gave me a great visual to go along with the vivid descriptions of similar roads (or the same one, for all I know) from “Three Cups of Tea.”


  3. geochristian

    Carol — Al Jazeera used to have a one-hour documentary, of which this was just a 25-minute segment. It is very good for us to see how people live in other places.


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