Around the web 12/15/2012

THE QUEEN JAMES BIBLE — Sadly, I am not kidding.

The Queen James Bible is a Bible for Gays, re-“translated” to make “homophobic” interpretations impossible.  Read more about it at First Things.

HT: Internet Monk.

WWJF (WHAT WOULD JESUS FLY?) — Christianity Today reports that “David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Ministries (popularly known as Winners’ Chapel) in Lagos, Nigeria’s major port and most-populous city, owns three Gulfstreams (plus a Learjet) worth almost US$100 million.” See Private Jets for Jesus.

NOAH’S FLOOD IN THE BLACK SEA BASIN — There were a number of articles on the internet this week about evidence that Noah’s flood occurred in the Black Sea basin, an idea that has been around for over a decade. One would expect a flood the size described in Genesis 6-9 to have left behind evidence, and this could be it — a colossal flood adjacent to the mountains of Ararat.

Noah’s Ark Has a New Believer: Archaeologist Who Found Titanic, Bismarck — Christianity Today

Evidence Noah’s Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard — ABC News

Archaeologist claims evidence of Noah’s biblical flood — Fox News

IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE… NO, IT’S THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION! — If you have never seen the ISS fly overhead, you spend too much time looking at your feet. You can sign up for an email or text letting you know when the ISS will be brilliantly visible from your location. Just go to

THE DEBATE ABOUT ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT OCCURRING IN SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS — according to Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility – In One Pie Chart. On the pie chart below, make sure you don’t miss the itsy-bitsy sliver of a line that represents “denier” papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The debate is mostly occurring on blogs, talk radio, and newspapers. That should say something.


HT: News.

Also see Why Climate Change Denial Is Just Hot Air by Phil Plait on Slate.

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4 thoughts on “Around the web 12/15/2012

  1. Thanks for sharing this variety of interesting posts. I particularly enjoyed the last one. I do have a question regarding using the Black Sea flood as Noah’s Flood. I recently watched a video with Hugh Ross talking about the evidence for an ancient flood and he argues that the Black Sea flood would have been too recent to have destroyed “the world” by which he means universal destruction of humanity. Instead, he argues that there is evidence for a flood that covered a vast portion of the Arabian Peninsula and Mesopotamia. I think his insights are keen, so I’m curious to know what you think of that theory.


  2. WebMonk

    On some things Hugh Ross is very knowledgeable, and the group he has set up seems to mirror his areas of expertise almost exactly. It’s actually sort of funny from some perspectives that the organization so precisely fits the founder.

    Anyway, geology doesn’t fall within the areas about which RTB seems to have knowledge. I’ve seen some very … let’s call them “interesting” geological statements made through RTB.

    The same is true of his knowledge of genetics. He’s wildly outside even YEC groups when it comes to genetics. Just to pick a recent example, Neanderthals are universally acknowledged to have interbred with the mainstream source of modern Eurasian humans. All the other YEC groups acknowledge this.

    RTB, though, insists that Neanderthals were not humans at all, and that either 1) all the many and diverse lines of evidence showing Neanderthal genetics in modern humans are false, or 2) it was bestiality – humans humping the Neanderthal apes, or the other way around.

    I wouldn’t put any weight in what RTB says involving their ideas of genetics or population dispersal or geology.


  3. geochristian

    J.W. — There are pros and cons on both the Mesopotamian and Black Sea versions of the local flood theory.

    The Black Sea flood may have been much larger, and it was adjacent to the mountains of Ararat. The only flood in Mesopotamia which was potentially of sufficient size would have been the flood that inundated what is now the upper Persian Gulf. But that, like the Black Sea flood, is poorly understood. I don’t have strong thoughts either way right now.

    I am not convinced that the Bible requires that the flood be universal in terms of humanity. If you look at the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, which traces the descendants of Noah, it only lists tribes and nations that are in and around the ancient Near East and adjacent areas. All entries in the Table of the Nations are in the eastern Mediterranean, Mesopotamia, the Caucasus, southern Europe, North Africa, or southwest Arabia. It is difficult to stretch this list to cover the rest of the world—Chinese, Eskimos, Zulus, Mayans—despite the efforts of either the YECs or RTB. I hold this forth as a very tentative idea.


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