Around the web — 12/8/2012

UNICORNS REALLY EXIST! — So say North Korean scientists — see Unicorns’ Existence Proven at Perhaps it is time for ICRAiG, and CMI to subcontract the search for mokele-mbembe to the North Koreans.

I’m not quite ready, however, to revise my post of a few years ago on Unicorns in the Bible, in which I respond to skeptics who say the Bible cannot be trusted because it teaches that unicorns once existed.

MORE AND MORE EVANGELICALS TRUST FOX NEWS — From Christianity Today: Evangelical Support for Fox News Shifts Surprisingly after Election.

It isn’t that I like the slant in much of the “main stream media,” but I’m not sure that I trust Fox News any more than I trust CNN. Take, for instance, Fox News’s conspiracy theory coverage of the Benghazi attacks in the week before the U.S. presidential elections. It seemed a lot more like trying to create a story than reporting on one.

Here’s a sampling of headlines from the home page of over the past month or so that should make Evangelicals think twice about their enthusiasm for the network:

  • Celeb Sex Tape Shockers!
  • Sexy Stars Sans Silicone
  • Best (and Worst) Beach Bodies
  • Paris’ Lesbian Liplock Shocker
  • Stars Dare Go Down To There
  • 50 Props for your 50 Shades of Grey Costume
  • Keira Talks ‘Fantasy Breasts’
  • Stewart Shocks in Sheer Dress.

DECEMBER 6TH WAS SLAP-A-HERETIC DAY — the day in which Jolly Old St. Nicholas is celebrated by churches which maintain liturgical calendars. From Gene Edward Veith’s article in World Magazine a few years ago, Slappy Holiday:

During the Council of Nicea, jolly old St. Nicholas got so fed up with Arius, who taught that Jesus was just a man, that he walked up and slapped him! That unbishoplike behavior got him in trouble. The council almost stripped him of his office, but Nicholas said he was sorry, so he was forgiven.

This addition to his job description will keep Santa busy. Teachers who forbid the singing of religious Christmas carols-SLAP! Office managers who erect Holiday Trees-SLAP! Judges who outlaw manger displays-SLAP! People who give The Da Vinci Code as a Christmas present-SLAP! Ministers who cancel Sunday church services that fall on Christmas day-SLAP! SLAP!

HT: Cyberbrethren

LOOKING BACK — It has been forty years since humans last walked on the moon. Forty years. See Apollo 17, 40 Years Later.

PLANNING AHEAD — Here’s what I want to do for my next birthday:

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