Around the Web 9/30/2012

The best ever reply to Ken Ham — Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham wrote “Peter Enns Wants Children to Reject Genesis: (Enns is an Evangelical Old Testament scholar who advocates a figurative Adam and Eve). Peter Enns replied with “Ken Ham Clubs Baby Seals.”

I don’t agree with either of these guys in regards to their interpretation of Genesis, but I appreciate Enns’ wit on this one.

A quote from Enns:

“…any disagreement with [Ken Ham] is de facto a disagreement with the Bible and God himself. You are, therefore, “the enemy.” Gray is not a color on his rhetorical palette.”

Ken Ham has been quite gracious in his interaction with me, but others have not been quite so fortunate.

Rock bacon for sale — There may be a looming bacon shortage  (so good but so bad for you), but there is also a booming market for rocks and minerals in China, including rocks that look like bacon.

Wanted: good cow pies — I’ve written about Ham and bacon, now I want to turn to beef; or at least something to do with cows. Because of the ongoing drought across much of the United States, some locations are experiencing a shortage of Frisbee-quality cow pies: Drought causes shortage in cow chip throw.

Google makes good maps — It starts with good data: How Google Builds Its Maps—and What It Means for the Future of Everything. I make and/or use geospatial data every work day, and so I know how critical it is to have the data right.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of a way to tie geospatial data into Ham, bacon, or cows.

One thought on “Around the Web 9/30/2012

  1. I read Peter Enns’ book “The Evolution of Adam” over the summer. I do not fully agree with him, but he makes a good case for reading Genesis (and Paul) in its proper historical context, just as Evangelicals advocate for most other passages of scripture. I was impressed with his high regard for scripture, the humility with which he put forth his position, and his graciousness towards those Christians whom he recognizes will find his interpretation of Genesis very hard to swallow.


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