Free thinkers?

Why do “free-thinkers” all come to the same conclusions?

Is it permissible for a skeptic to be skeptical about skepticism?

Is it rational to believe that “In the beginning nothing created everything?”

Can science prove that science is the only way to know anything?

How can an atheist know that God doesn’t exist without being omniscient?

If an atheist steals from a fellow atheist, have they done something inherently evil?

3 thoughts on “Free thinkers?

  1. Chris M

    You know, I find myself enjoying some of the skeptical podcasts out there, and I find myself wondering the same thing. On one hand, we have people who have a cosmology that allows for the universe to start with a singularity – a point infinitely small, for which there was no such thing as “before” as time is part of the universe that transpired from it. For some reason, events started to run in one direction, and a massive cosmic inflation ensued. In this new universe, there was cause and effect, the arrow of time, the laws of thermodynamics.

    There’s no explanation for what was “before” nor an acknowledgement that concepts like “before” even make sense. Yet, when someone points out how much that sounds like an act of creation ex nihilo, where an outside cause, who was there at “the beginning” (of time’s arrow) started this grand creative act that resulted in the amazing and spooky universe we live in.


  2. Boz

    are these genuine questions, asked through curiosity, in an effort to learn more?

    or are these rhetorical questions, where you just want to state your opinion?


  3. geochristian


    Both genuine and rhetorical.

    Rhetorical because I think the answers are fairly obvious to me as a thinking Christian (though I know it is not possible to pigeonhole all “freethinkers” into one box).

    But these are also genuine questions, because I hope to provoke some freethinkers to re-think their position. Freethinkers are at times highly irrational, while thinking that they are the only rational beings on the planet.


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