Sometime back in May or June, The GeoChristian had its 500,000th page view. I don’t completely understand what WordPress counts as a “hit,” and I know that many of these hits are from people who spend about three seconds on the site and decide it isn’t what they were looking for. But still, I am amazed that this blog has generated that level of interest.

I’ve got a long list of things I’d like to blog about, and several enhancements that I think would enhance the impact of The GeoChristian. I’m busy, but I’ll blog when I can.

Why do I blog? My stated purpose is “to increase science literacy among Evangelical Christians, especially in the areas of the Earth and environmental sciences.” My underlying hope and prayer is for two things: To build up the body of Christ, and to point non-believers to Christ. Only God knows how effective I’ve been in that, but I pray that what I write here would bear fruit for the glory of God for all eternity.

I get emails from time to time from people who have been blessed by The GeoChristian. Here are a few excerpts (with some very minor editing):

I’m a chemist and a fellow evangelical Christian.  I just wanted to thank you for your blog, and especially for its tone.  Apart from scientific issues, what troubles me most of all in the YEC/OEC/TE debate is how acrimonious many YEC sites are towards not only atheists but towards fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Your site is a breath of fresh air.  Thank you.


I stumbled upon your blog a while back, and it’s really helped me a lot in talking to my parents about my perspectives on faith and science. I’m a graduate student in the earth sciences, but was raised in a young earth home/church, so, as one might imagine, my research has caused some spirited discussion with my parents and home community… Recently some questions came up that I wasn’t sure about, and I wondered (if you have time/have thought about these issues) whether you might be able to offer some perspectives?


To be honest I ‘felt’ that the Bible was somehow lacking in depth & history, something was not quite adding up for me. I know that Gods’ wisdom & logic is so incredibly high above ours but still… the conflict between real scientific evidence and what most Christians were teaching really limited, disabled me even, from witnessing to the unsaved. I could not wholeheartedly stand behind God’s word and encourage others to embrace Christ whilst these paradoxes were raging in my brain and heart.

But then I found your blog… Woah!

Suddenly a whole new world opened up before me. […]

Your blog has not only made the Bible fresh again for me, opening it up to new revelation, but enables me to start witnessing again to friends and intellectual strangers again. I don’t have to be ashamed anymore… it was never Christ I was ashamed of… it was a limited understanding of the truth. My heart wanted to shout from the rooftops but my brain would not let me. You have helped connect my heart & my brain again. For this I know I shall be eternally grateful and give you my deepest thanks.


I recently visited the Creation Museum outside of Cincinnati.

While it has been decades since I studied Geology at Northwestern University, I found most of what I saw there to be unreasonable. There were a few things that puzzled me, such as the folding of solid layers of sedimentary rocks, so when I got to my computer, I started Googling for a more thorough explanation. I was pleased to find your articles “Six Bad Arguments From Answers in Genesis”, and found my questions to be answered in full.

Thank you for writing the series, and for such a clear and concise refutation of the YEC arguments.


I’m a research associate for a research scientist, a follower of Jesus, an “old-earther,” and much like you, a distinct minority in the Bible-belt culture in which I live.  I just wanted you to know how refreshing your blog is.  You have a fantastic understanding of God and His creation and you deal with the scientific study of the universe in such a worshipful (of God) and respectful way.  Unlike so many other articles and works that are really propagandized hate, you write as a loving teacher and person who praises God for what He has done.  And remarkably, you do so with the keen understanding that the scientific topics we love to study are secondary to the gospel and God’s redemptive purposes.  Simply superb.  Thank you for your love of Christ and your passion for worshiping God by studying His creation.  Keep up the good work!  I look forward to more!


Hi as a geologist and a Christian from across the pond, I just had to say I enjoyed your sane site!

Keep up the good work.


Many thanks for your great website which acknowledges God as our creator without resorting to dubious or false technical information


I also thought you dealt very well and respectfully with some of those comments that were clearly insulting. So this note is just a little “thank you” for your blog and work in helping to educate Christians. And I support you 100% in the importance of ministering to the scientific and intellectual community.


I am majoring in geology and was having a very difficult time reconciling my Christian faith with the idea that the earth could be billions of years old. […] Your blog has been an important part of saving me from having a crisis of faith.

I am thankful that God has used this blog to be a blessing to a number of people. Thank you to all of you who have written encouraging emails to me.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “500,000

  1. Carol K

    Your blog is definitely a breath of fresh air in the YEC/Old-earth debate, both by the tone it takes when dealing with that topic and because it is not single-mindedly focused on that one issue. Its bigger purpose is to draw us closer to God first. I have missed getting new posts regularly, though I completely understand being busy and not being able to blog. I have learned a lot from your blog and have been challenged in my thinking in many areas, and now have more tools in my toolbelt to counter YEC claims.


  2. It’s good to see that you are back to blogging! I, too, have been blessed by this site. I am a young-earth creationist, but I like reading reasonable, respectful critiques of my position. I find that you offer both, which is very rare! Keep up the good work.


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