What one thing bothers me most about the world?

I was recently asked, “What one thing bothers you most about the world?” Here was my reply:

The world isn’t the way it is supposed to be. Rather than being a place of beauty, peace, and abundance, it is a place of desecration, conflict, and poverty.

What bothers you most about the world?

Grace and Peace

4 thoughts on “What one thing bothers me most about the world?

  1. See, that’s what separates the “Calvinist” from the herd.

    God is God. God is sovereign, and nothing happens without his for-ordained blessing. It *SEEMS* like a mess to me, but I know that all things are under His direction.



  2. Dear Geo,

    A good question. I think what bothers me most is simply unfairness. It seems to be a world running closer to social Darwinism. At one time that phrase was used negatively even by liberals, now people seem to be shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘That’s just the way it is’. In the UK there is a growing feeling of resentment. Wherever I go that hard working ‘good’ people have a hard time and the lazy and unethical get it easy.

    I have to be careful here because this could lead me down the path of anger and extremism. I have to keep my eyes on Christ and His Kingdom. Hundreds of years ago a man who lived near where I live today prayed that he would ‘Give and not count the cost, labour and not ask for any reward save that of knowing that we do Thy will.’ His name was St. Richard and I love those words.

    God bless,


    PS. I though James Bond was our most famous export, not Mr. Bean!!


  3. Tom

    God is sovereign; yes. However, several key points to understand 1) We have free will [not robots] 2) Evil (satan) is in the world thus the world will have glitches or issues where there is a lack of good or God [our choice in each situation]. 3) We get to choose to bring good/ God into a situation or let evil continue to rule the situation.

    A natural disaster is not God but a glitch in the world; Through God the seas maybe calmed, a protection is raised or a recovery occurs. But we must invoke that upon the earth as the designee of God in the earth. It is our choice; God directs us to choose life but we have the free will to not choose life or to even not make a choice at all and thus evil continues.

    So what bothers me most is “people not taking responsibility and doing our job as instructed by God and therefore making no decisions letting negative situations occur, then saying it was God’s will (He is sovereign)”.

    The word says ” the devil is come to kill, steal and destroy but, I have come that you may have life and life abundantly.”

    Again it bothers me that no one wants to take on being responsible.

    Final thought: The Spirit is greater than the natural for it was the Spirit that created the natural and the creator is always greater than the created.


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